Wixey WR100 6-Inch Digital Caliper

When trying to get a precise reading while measuring objects a digital caliper is an important tool to have at the ready.

This 6-inch digital caliper is a solid and reliable caliper at a very reasonable price. Take a look at the details of the Wixey 6-inch digital caliper, read the reviews on the Amazon page provided or compare the prices against other 6-inch digital calipers.

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 Wixey WR100 6-Inch Digital Calipers with Fractions for sale

Wixey WR100 Digital Caliper Review

The Wixey WR100 6-inch Digital Caliper with Fractions is a calliper that has been solidly made with large numbers that are nice and easy to read. The caliper is made from hardened stainless steel components and the precision ground measuring faces allow you to take inside, outside, depth and step measurements.

It can sometimes be difficult to work out who sells the best digital calipers online but by comparing the prices of a few of the calipers listed below you should be confident that you will find a reliable tool that will give you precise readings that you can rely on.

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Technical Data

Range: 0-6in 0-150mm
Accuracy: .025mm, .001-inch
Resolution: 0.05mm, 0.001-inch, 1/64 inch
Battery: 6 months life; type CR2032