Titan 23175 Electronic Digital Caliper

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 7 inches; 12.9 ounces
Material: stainless steel
Range: 0-150mm
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The Titan 23175 Electronic Digital Caliper is a digital caliper made with stainless steel components containing inside and outside measurement capabilities as well as a depth measuring range up to 6”. This is a metric scale caliper so you will be working in metric measurements rather than inches. The on/off switch of this caliper is located in a position in which it can be unintentionally pressed so it is possible that it can be sitting unused in its case and still be on.


This caliper gives you an easy to read LCD screen as well an adjust wheel and a lock knob. As well as being able to reset the display back to zero, it is possible to reset the caliper in order to give you a differential measurement.

The price you can expect to find this digital caliper for is around the $20.00 mark although many stores will price it more cheaply.


As with many products in which the electronic part is powered by a battery, make sure that you also buy yourself a spare battery. In many cases the product will have been sitting on the shelves for quite a long time and the chances are that the battery will have been worn down before you have bought it.