Starrett Digital Calipers

Starrett LogoWith a long history, the L.S. Starrett Company was founded in Athol, MA in 1880 and this is where the company headquarters is still based today. The company was first formed to manufacture the combination square which was invented by Laroy S. Starrett. It has gradually expanded to become a company that is known for the quality of its precision tools.

Chief among the precision tools from the company is the selection of digital calipers but the company is also responsible for a wider range of gages and measuring instruments.

The Starrett products are crucial for the manufacture of many other products that rely on precise measurement in the process of cutting and assembly.

The digital calipers in the company’s range start at a low of around $140.00 but tops out at well over $4500. The measuring ranges of the calipers cover quite a significant selection as well with the smallest providing 6 inches of measuring width while the largest gives 60 inches.

With the highest possible quality of materials used in their manufacture the calipers produced by the company are light and comfortable and easy to use. The profile of the majority of the calipers is slim while the digital readout is provided on a large and clear LCD display.

The range of Starrett digital calipers is impressive with many fine quality and highly regarded models and sizes to choose from. We have only just begun reviewing the calipers in the range so you can expect the listing to grow as more are added. Click on the caliper model that you wish to find out more about to be taken to the product details page where a full description and technical specifications are available.

Starrett 799 Series

Starrett 799 Series
Digital Calipers

The Starrett dial and electronic calipers are precision measuring instruments that have been designed for use primarily by machinists.