Neiko Pro-Quality 6-Inch Digital Caliper

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 9.5 x 3.8 x 1 inch; 11.2 ounces
Materials: stainless steel
Range: 0-155mm

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The Neiko digital caliper has taken the LCD display read-out and has enlarged it to make it even easier to read. This is definitely an advantage for those who have slight vision problems or who are working in areas where it is difficult to see a smaller display.


Whereas some other digital calipers are only available in one unit or the other, the Neiko Pro-Quality gives readings in either metric or inches, depending on your preference. It simply takes the push of a button to change from one mode to the other.


Another nice feature is that there is a spare battery supplied with the product. Some people have experienced the annoying let down of finding their digital caliper does not work when taken out of the box because the battery was dead. Should this occur with the Neiko Pro-Quality you will have a backup battery right there in your hand.

There have been reports that there has been some noticeable movement in the rails of the caliper which could throw the precision of the instrument out. This should be taken into consideration when trying to decide whether to buy it or not. However it's a good quality caliper that represents great value for money, particularly when you can get it at a greatly reduced price that brings it down to below $20.00.

Consumer Reviews

5 stars
This product was well built and worked as advertised. I have no way to check its accuracy, however. For my applications I am not concerned with super accuracy. The inch and mm selection is useful for me. The unit came with a dead battery in the caliper but there was a spare battery in the case.

2 stars
This looked well-made at first glance only. The main rail had about 5mm of total curvature, the inner rail had about 1mm of play, and the end-stop was crooked. The motion is also rough and drifts unless you lock it down. I would only trust it to a few hundredths, getting worse as you approach the terminal length, because of the bowed rail.

If this is typical assembly quality, the carrying case is (relatively) the best thing about this product. They should downgrade the rated accuracy for slack in the rails. It's probably based on the read-head's potential on a much better frame.

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