Fowler/Sylvac Ultra-Cal Mark III Electronic Caliper

The Swiss certainly know precision and this is certainly evident in the Fowler/Sylvac Ultra-Cal Mark III Electronic Caliper. Designed and built by Sylvac of Switzerland, this gage uses the company’s patented technology to bring a totally new, high accuracy capacitive sensor to the market. This is a digital caliper that comes with all of the required features that you would need to perform exact measurements as well as the ability to freeze, hold and download the results for later analysis.


Features of the Ultra-Cal Mark III

  • Inside, outside, depth and step measuring.
  • Three measuring ranges 0-6"/150mm, 0-8"/200mm and 0-12 "/300mm.
  • Full scale accuracy: 0.001” / 0.02 mm.
  • Conversion from inch to metric
  • Hold feature to freeze the display for later viewing
  • LCD screen with 0.25” / 6mm digit display.
  • High efficiency lithium battery that lasts around 2 years.

Fowler Sylvac Ultra Cal

This is a high efficiency caliper that has the interfaces available to be connected to a computer for readout download. The connection kit to do this comes separate from the actual caliper. This kit comes with a connection cable, software support disk and an instruction manual.

This particular model of electronic caliper has not been manufactured with IP protection so the moisture protection system is not in place, the Fowler/Sylvac Ultra-Cal Mark IV Electronic Caliper has been released with an IP-65 rating and is more able to cope with coolant sprays and other moisture hazards.