Fowler/Sylvac Digital Calipers

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A leading supplier of high quality inspection leveling and calibration equipment since 1946, The Fred V. Fowler Company has made some clever affiliations with other groups to help strengthen its position in the market. Notably for the caliper sector the company has teamed up with a leading digital measuring instrument company in Sylvac to form Fowler/Sylvac.

The digital calipers that have been produced in recent years have led the way in providing more compact and lightweight precision instruments. The company has broadened its range impressively to provide micrometers, indicators, height gages and bore gages as well as the line of calipers.

The range of Fowler/Sylvac digital calipers covers a wide spectrum of price points and will meet the needs of machinists and the home handyman alike. We will attempt to provide extensive reviews of as many of the company’s calipers as possible. Calipers can be  found under either the parent company name of Fowler or under the joint name of Fowler/Sylvac and we will distinguish the instruments in the way they are most commonly referred.

Click on the caliper model that you wish to find out more about to be taken to the product details page where a full description and technical specifications are available.

Fowler Sylvac Ultra Cal
Fowler/Sylvac Ultra-Cal Mark III
Fowler Xtra-Range
Fowler Xtra-Range