Carrera Precision Digital Calipers

Carrera Precision is a manufacturer of good quality measuring devices at very reasonable prices. The calipers available are grouped into four different series that describe the type of tool that you are buying as well as the material with which it is made.

The price of the Carrera Precision calipers should provide you with a hint that while they are good, reliable measuring instruments, they are by no means at the top of the range in terms of quality. What they provide are calipers that will give you an accurate measurement from a durable piece of equipment.

The four types of caliper groups are the Standard Decimal Series, Titanium Decimal Series, Standard Fractional Series and the Titanium Fractional Series. It is then possible to buy calipers depending on the maximum measuring range capable for each caliper. These maximum ranges go from a smallest size of 6 inches out to the larger size of 24 inches.

The Standard Decimal Series of calipers has been designed with a hardened plastic protective cover around the LCD screen. This makes the calipers good quality instruments for use in a domestic situation but may not be of the quality required for professional use.

The caliper models available in the Standard Decimal Series include:

CP5906 - 6 Inch Digital Caliper CP5908 - 8 Inch Digital Caliper
CP5912 - 12 Inch Digital Caliper CP5924 - 24 Inch Digital Caliper

The Titanium Decimal Series of calipers feature machinist grade titanium alloy that protects the LCD display to ensure that it does not become damaged during the work process. The jaws and slide are made from hardened stainless steel. The decimal aspect of the name refers to the fact that the measurement is displayed in metric.

The caliper models available in the Titanium Decimal Series include:

CP8806-T - 6 Inch Digital Caliper

CP8808-T - 8 Inch Digital Caliper

CP8812-T - 12 Inch Digital Caliper

The Standard Fractional Series of calipers are just as precise as the decimal series but the LCD screen displays the measurements in terms of fractions of inches that may also be converted to a decimal readout. The body of the caliper is made of stainless steel while the LCD surrounds are made from hardened plastic.

The caliper models available in the Fractional Series include:

CP7906 - 6 Inch Digital Caliper CP7908 - 8 Inch Digital Caliper
CP7912 - 12 Inch Digital Caliper

The caliper models available in the Titanium Fractional Series include:

The Titanium Fractional Series of calipers feature machinist grade titanium alloy surrounding the LCD screen to provide it with added protection that the professional is going to appreciate. The display provides readings in fractions of an inch and this may be converted to a decimal equivalent at the push of a button.

CP9806-TF - 6 Inch Digital Caliper CP9808-TF - 8 Inch Digital Caliper
CP9812-TF - 12 Inch Digital Caliper