Brown & Sharpe TESA Digital Calipers

Brown & Sharpe is a flagship brand of the Hexagon Metrology Group in the United States. It was previously a stand-alone company that made its name making benchtop measuring machines and precision hand tools that are known for the quality of design, construction and performance.

Digital calipers bearing the Brown & Sharpe brand name have been made with TESA components. TESA is a Swiss manufacturer of the finest measuring instruments so if you are buying a Brown & Sharp caliper in the USA you are effectively buying a TESA caliper. For this reason the brand names of these digital calipers are often quoted singly or together.

The calipers made by the company are particularly precise measuring devices that have been constructed using the finest of hardened stainless steel for the caliper bar and industrial strengthened plastic as the protective housing.

Brown & Sharpe TESA Digital Caliper Models

 Brown & Sharpe TESA Dura-Cal IP67 Electronic Calipers

 Brown & Sharpe TESA Shop-Cal Electronic Calipers

Brown & Sharpe TESA Digit-Cal Electronic Calipers

Brown & Sharpe TESA IP67 20-Inch Digital Caliper With Rounded Faces

When professional machinists and other people who rely on precise measurements talk about the calipers they prefer the TESA name often comes up. The tools are well-made and durable and the accuracy is maintained even when the calipers are in constant use from one day to the next.

Factors such as ease of use, the size of the LCD screen and the general appearance of the tool are other factors that must meet the preferences of those who use them and the TESA calipers also pass that test with flying colors.