Starrett 799 Electronic Caliper

The Starrett 799 series Electronic Caliper have been manufactured with comfort and ease of use as the primary objectives. To this end they have been constructed of lightweight materials with an ergonomic design. They have a slim profile that will fit easily in the hand and will make taking exact measurements a task that is not at all onerous.

The 799 Series from Starrett is the company’s lower cost alternative in the electronic digital caliper market as there is no option to send data output via a wireless connection (as the 797 Series do).

Features include:

An LCD screen that is .32” high

Inch / millimeter conversion button

A reset to zero function that can be set at any position

The last measuring position is retained after the caliper has been shut off

Auto shut-off after 5 minutes of non-use

Hardened stainless steel body

Fine adjustment thumb wheel

Lock to hold the jaws in position

Resolution is .0005” (0.01mm)

Ranges available:

0-6” (150mm)
0-8” (200mm)
0-12” (300mm)

Starrett 799 Series

The extended range set of 799 series calipers have a few different features to the standard sized models:

Minimum and maximum limits set

LCD characters are .50” high

The auto shut-off activates after 30 minutes of non-use

The ranges of the extended range models are:

0-24” (600mm)
0-40” (1000mm)

It should also be noted that the Starrett 799 Series Digital Caliper has not been designed with IP protection which means that there is no specialized water or dust protection applied to the electronics of the device. If this is a concern you should take a look at the Starrett 797 Series Electronic Caliper.