Carrera Precision CP5908 Electronic Digital Caliper

Carrera Precision CP5908The Carrera Precision CP5908 8 inch standard decimal caliper is part of the company’s Standard Decimal Series and it is a very useful instrument both for the precision with which it measures and the added small features that come standard with it. Buy the digital caliper and also get a spare battery, a protective case, instructions on how to use the instrument and a certificate of calibration.

The main point to remember about this particular caliper is that it is not in the same league as the more expensive models such as the Mitutoyo but it is still a very reliable performer. The caliper is capable of providing you measurements for outside diameters, inside diameters as well as step and depth measurements.

Buy the Carrera Precision CP5908 Caliper

The Carrera Precision CP5908 caliper has a number of features that gives you an instrument that you know you can rely on. The LCD screen is very easy to read with its size large enough to provide easy to see numbers. It has a screw lock that allows you to lock the setting of the caliper so that you can keep the dimension for multiple measurements. The caliper is also equipped with a zero button to let you measure tolerances of either positive or negative value.

This is the type of small to medium sized caliper that could be very useful around the house for the measurement of objects in the course of smaller or mid-range jobs. It has the durability that stainless steel can provide which is part of the reason for the lower price because, the truth is, there are calipers that are manufactured out of materials that provide greater toughness. But it will still be capable of standing up to the types of challenges that the domestic environment can throw at it.

Technical Data

Range: 0-8 in 0-200mm
Accuracy: accurate to 1/1000th of an inch
Resolution: 0.01mm/0.0005in

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