Brown & Sharpe TESA IP67 Electronic Calipers

You will find the Brown & Sharpe TESA Dura-Cal IP67 6-Inch electronic caliper for sale on this page as well as a brief review that will describe the various features and technical details of the instrument.

Available under the brand name Brown & Sharpe and manufactured by TESA of Switzerland these calipers are particularly high in quality and precision. The IP67 assignment denotes the fact that the calipers meet the standards set for protection against moisture or particulate contaminants. Should your calipers be dropped into a puddle of water or be subjected to high levels of dust they can be relied upon to continue working without missing a beat.

These calipers are available in a number of different sizes to provide you with the option of measuring capabilities depending on the range you require. Choose from a 6-inch, 8-inch or 12-inch measuring range. The 6-inch model is can be bought with or without a thumbwheel.

Listed below are the various different measurement size ranges for the IP67 Dura-Cal Electronic calipers. Each of these calipers is available for sale with details provided about how you can go about buying one.

Buy A Brown & Sharpe/TESA Dura-Cal IP67 Digital Caliper

6-Inch Digital Caliper with thumbwheel

8-Inch Digital Caliper

12-Inch Digital Caliper

Caliper Features

• IP67 Compliant
• Encapsulation of the main components prevents dust, particles of metal, and spraying liquids from entering the caliper.
• New electronic measuring system protected from liquids and immune to magnetic fields.
• Specifications consistent with DIN 862.
• Large 1/4" LC display for easy reading.
• Auto shut-off after two hours.
• Instant inch/metric conversion.

Technical Data

Accuracy: +/- 0.0015in
Resolution: 0.0005"/0.01mm
Range : 0-6in 0-150mm, 0-8in 0-200mm, 0-12in 0-300mm
Display: LCD, digit height 7mm
Part Numbers: 00530301, 00530302, 00530303
Measuring System: TESA capa µ system, patented
Battery: 3 V Lithium, type CR 2032
Battery life: Approx. 1.5 years under normal use