A Comparison List of the Best Bevel Protractors

The bevel protractor is circular with a pivoting arm that is used for marking off angles. The uses are largely in architectural drawings and in mechanical purposes. Any craftsman who aims for the tightest possible angle tolerances will rely heavily on these instruments.

It is made up of a beam, a graduated dial, a blade and a swivel plate which is attached by a thumb nut and clamp.The advantage that the bevel protractor gives over other types is that it has a full 360 degrees of scale. Unlike other protractors which only provides measurements in degrees, the bevel protractor also has a vernier scale. This scale allows for a far greater level of precision because one vernier is 1/12th of a degree.

Immediately below we have provided a comparison table that will give you the opportunity of quickly browsing through a selection of some of the best and most popular bevel protractors currently available on the market. Included in the table you will notice a price that is the manufacturer's recommended price. It is almost certain that you will be able to buy each model more cheaply that this stated price.

Comparison of Bevel Protractors

Make / Model Angle Range MSRP
 starrett-491-12-4r-bevel-protractor  Starrett 491-12-4R Bevel Protractor  0 to 180  $152.00
 mitutoyo-187-906-universal-bevel-protractor  Mitutoyo 187-906, Universal Bevel Protractor  0 to 270  $357.00
 mitutoyo-187-904-universal-bevel-protractor  Mitutoyo 187-904, Universal Bevel Protractor  0 to 270  $341.00
 fowler-52-440-612-stainless-steel-bevel-protractor  Fowler 52-440-612 Stainless Steel Bevel Protractor  0 to 360  $180.90
 flexbar-universal-bevel-protractor  Flexbar Universal Bevel Protractor  0 to 180  $99.50
 martool-106-uf-universal-bevel-protractor  MarTool 106 UF Universal Bevel Protractor  0 to 360  n.a.
 fastenal-universal-bevel-protractor-set  Fastenal Universal Bevel Protractor Set  0 to 360  $213.48
 nihao-320-degree-universal-bevel-protractor  Nihao 320 Degree Universal Bevel Protractor  0 to 320  $32.00
 uxcell-320-degree-stainless-steel-bevel-protractor  Uxcell 320 Degree Stainless Steel Bevel Protractor  0 to 320  $45.95

Detailed Description of Bevel Protractors

Now that we have been given a good idea of the different makes and models of bevel protractors that are available through the comparison list above we will dig a little deeper. Below is a detailed description of the features of each product to get an even better idea about which one will best suit your needs.

Starrett 491-12-4R Bevel Protractor


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This bevel protractor provides double gradations from 0 to 180 degrees in opposite directions. The readings may be taken above or below the blade. The shoulder on either side of the blade means that it may be reversed so that the same angle can be scribed to the left or the right.

It is also equipped with a spirit level so that you can ensure the base reference surface is level before starting your measurement.

The blade length of this protractor is 12 inches and the gradation type is 4R. The blade gradations are in 8ths, 16ths, Quick Reading, 32nds and 64ths.

Find out more about this product by visiting the Starrett website.

Mitutoyo 187-906, Universal Bevel Protractor


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This is a high precision angle gage made from chrome-plated stainless steel. It is durable and corrosion resistant and will provide accurate angle measurement. It is a universal protractor meaning it has a 3 x 90 degree range and measurement can be taken in either clockwise or counter-clockwise directions.

This protractor has a 12 inch blade and the diameter of the dial is 2.56 inches. The dial measures in 1-degree increments and 5 minute vernier resolution and to better make out the readings, a magnified display window is attached.

In order to ensure that an accurate reading can be taken, there is a blade clamp to lock it down and a fine adjustment knob.

The protractor can also be mounted to a height gauge.

Mitutoyo 187-904, Universal Bevel Protractor


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This is the smaller version of the previous model (the 906). It is also made from chrome-plated stainless steel for the same durable sharp finish. The blade measures 6 inches in length which is useful for taking measurements on smaller jobs.

The graduations on the dial remain as fine as for the other model with 1-degree dial increments and 5-degree vernier scale.

The dial is equipped with a built-in magnifying glass to enhance the readout and the blade can be clamped and fine adjustment can be made through the use of a fine adjustment knob.

Fowler 52-440-612 Stainless Steel Bevel Protractor


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This is an easy-to-read protractor that has a satin chrome finish. The dial is graduation over 360 degrees in 0 to 90 degree sectors. It is a universal bevel protractor which means it rotates around the full circle. The readouts are graduated to 5 minute vernier scale.

It can be used with 6 inch and 12 inch blades and the blade can slide to its full length. A thumb lock is attached which allows you to secure the setting at any point to provide greater accuracy. The ends of the blades are bevelled 45 degrees at one end and 60 degrees at the other. There is also a fine tune adjustment knob to refine the accuracy of the readings.

Find out more by visiting the Fowler website.

Fastenal Universal Bevel Protractor Set


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This protractor is available as a 5 piece set that includes 3 blades that measure 6, 8 and 12 inches and an acute angle attachment. It is made from hardened stainless steel that has been ground and polished. The dial face is a satin chrome finish to make reading easier.

The dial graduations are 1 degree intervals and vernier scale is 5 minute intervals. The protractor dial is a full 4 x 90, 360 degree reading range. It has a positive locking clamp and a precision tuning knob for fine adjustments. Reading the dial face is made easier thanks to the attached magnifying lens.

It can be housed in the supplied foam cushioned plastic case.

Find out more about this product by visiting the Fastenal website.

Flexbar Universal Bevel Protractor


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This is a very reasonably priced bevel protractor made from hardened stainless steel. It comes with a number of attachments that have been included to maximize its versatility. The readings are in both 1-degree scale as well as vernier scale and they are available on the same plane.

The protractor comes with 6 inch and 12 inch blades as well as an acute angle attachment for smaller angle measurements.

Find out more about this product by visiting the Flexbar website.

Mahrtool 106 UF Universal Bevel Protractor


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This is a precision universal bevel protractor that has been made with a satin chrome finish to make it easier to view the readout. The base plate and beam are made from stainless steel while the measuring edges are case hardened.

The dial is graduated with both a main scale and a vernier scale with readings in 5 minute increments. The measuring range is a full 360 degrees. The blade length is available in 6, 9 or 12 inches and it is also possible to add an acute angle attachment.

Viewing the readout is made easier by the attached magnifying lens. The rail can be clamped by turning a knurled thumb screw. Micro adjustment can be achieved using the precision adjuster.

This protractor also comes with a supplied case to protect it when it’s not in use.

Find out more by visiting the Mahr website.

Nihao 320 Degree Universal Bevel Protractor


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This is a heavyweight protractor that is constructed from stainless steel. It is universal and will allow you to take precise measurements with little chance of error.

This is a useful protractor that can be used for measuring inner and outer angles of parts with a graduation rate of 2 minutes. The graduations are laser etched on the blade and are particularly clear. It has a measuring range of 0 to 320 degrees and it is possible to lock it in place when you have found the desired angle.

The protractor is furnished with a bevel edged extension blade along with a roller knob and fine adjustment mechanism.

It comes in a sturdy protective case that allows you to safely store it away when it is not in use. Overall, this is quite a good and reliable universal bevel protractor that is available at a very reasonable price.

Uxcell 320 Degree Stainless Steel Bevel Protractor


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This vernier bevel protractor is made from stainless steel ensuring that it is solid and durable. It features a 0-320 degree measuring range with a 2 degree graduation.

This protractor is useful for measuring inner and outer angles of parts and it has a bevel edged extension flute, a rolled knob and fine adjustment tuning.

The product is made in China so the production standards may not appear to be the best, but the important factor, its precision and accuracy, is extremely good and you can expect it to return precise results. Certainly, it’s a strong performer at a very reasonable price.

As can be seen from the rundown of each of the bevel protractors that have stood out as the more popular models currently available, they all provide an extensive range of features. It may ultimately come down to quality of manufacture, a company’s reputation or simply a matter of price.

A couple of the makes and models are available with added components included while with others it will be necessary to buy things like the acute angle attachment separately.

Check out the customer reviews that have been left by customers to determine whether there have been obvious problems with precision or durability of the product. Ultimately, it is the performance and precision that is achieved when using these protractors that is going to count.